vegan lifestyle and whole approach to health

why Vegan?

I don’t think I have ever come across anything else in this world that has so many reasons.

We are treating animals as if they have no moral value yet they are sentient just like us. This means that they are able to feel, and perceive things including pain and including an intense wish to live

  • animals are bred into existence and enslaved often in horrific conditions until they are slaughtered for a fleeting moment of our pleasure
  • cows in the dairy industry are forcefully impregnated and following a 9 month long pregnancy have their babies taken from them, and instead of getting to suckle their babies for 9 months to a year have their babies ripped away from them so their milk can be stolen by us until we forcefully impregnate her again
  • male baby cows have little to no profit to the dairy industry so they are slaughtered in the first days of their lives. The same goes for baby chicks
  • in fact all the animals we exploit only ever get to reach a fraction of their normal lifetime- they only grow to be babies
  • wild hens lay 10 to 15 eggs a year- their natural menstrual cycle. The average modern exploited hen is bred to produce nearly 300  a year. This is incomprehensible physical strain, and a ruthless exploitation of a female’s reproductive system.

Our planet is in trouble. And really, we need to all individually be doing something to help. Our dietary choices are by far the biggest contributor to the trouble our planet is in. Humans currently kill over 56 billion land animals each year, ravaging and destroying the earth in the process- our green lungs, the source of our biodiversity, and the natural habitats of both animals and tribes of the human animal throughout the world. There are only 7 billion of us but the congregate damage is showing. 

Adopting a plant based diet is the single biggest thing to help with our urgent need to:

  • respect, heal and recover our ancient forests and green lands
  • use our resources more sustainably
  • free up land and stop deforestation
  • remove our biggest contribution to greenhouse gasses
  • take a stand against pollution
  • save water

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence linking the plant based (vegan) diet with benefits for health. Here are a couple of the findings…

  • a 2009 study compared 60,000 individuals and found the vegans to have the healthiest average BMI by a significant amount
  • the same study found the prevalence of type 2 diabetes to be the lowest among vegans
  • Dr Esselstyn, a renowned cardiologist, found that in people with advanced heart disease, sticking to a plant based diet helped their arteries clear
  • the World Health Organisation reviewed evidence linking the intake of red and processed meat with colorectal cancer across 10 studies. There was enough evidence in humans to classify processed meats as group 1 carcinogens


Finally, but very importantly. 

We can’t fit compassion and slaughter in the same sentence

We can’t claim we want peace while voting for violence

We can’t hope to retain perfect health and feed death to our bodies with every meal

We can’t claim to love some animals and pay for others to be murdered while hoping for the human race to unite as one and look past differences in appearance

We can’t claim we wish for poverty to be eradicated and eat the flesh of animals raised on  grain coming from  countries with starving children, who are deprived of the grain from their own land because of our greed

We can’t claim we care for one another and force some of us to live in areas heavily polluted with the smell, noise, and real pollution coming from the slaughterhouses we call into existence

We need to start aligning our actions with our hopes.