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About me

About me

an activist is someone who sees an injustice and speaks out about it

un mago blanco utiliza las palabras para crear, dar, compartir y amar

Who am I?

Well, for one I sure am not my nationality or gender or my age or the way my face looks or any of the circumstances that together have made up my life so far.

Who I am has to do with who I say I am, my ethics, my expression, what is inside me and what I choose to project to the world:  my actions and my words. 

I could be described as an INFP, and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) which basically means that I tend to feel, and care, a lot more than I can really help a lot of the time.

There is nothing I care more about right now than questioning the morality of the way we have come to treat other animals (and each other and ourselves). I also am passionate about plant based nutrition as an essential part of overall health. I love fitness and eating in a way that makes me feel good . I hope to help others come to this place.

My full name is Paulina Nnedimma Obasi. I studied International Business with French (BsC) at Queen’s University Belfast and I work as an Insight Associate at PwC Research. 

I have been vegan since 2014 but I am always working to improve my diet to make it as whole, healthy and  nutritious as possible. Download my free guide to being vegan and join me on my journey.